News and Updates

PhD Assistantship

May 16, 2022 - Drs. Adam Fox and Marty Hamel seek a PhD student to help lead a research team to assess populations of Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon in coastal rivers of Georgia. Additional Details about the position can be found here. Application deadline is July 1, 2022 - applications will be considered as they are received, so applicants are encouraged to submit materials as soon as possible. Start date is negotiable, but the target dates for enrollment are August 2022 (fall semester) or January 2023 (spring semester).

Adult and age-1 Atlantic Sturgeon

New Grant: Assessing Reproduction and Recruitment Dynamics of Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon

April 29, 2022 - The Fox Lab, in conjunction with the Hamel Lab and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, was awarded a 2022 Species Recovery Grant from NOAA to conduct sturgeon work in the Savannah, Ogeechee, Altamaha, and Satilla rivers in Georgia. The specific objectives of this project are to (1) quantify Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon recruitment, and (2) determine natal river fidelity and spawning periodicity using a microchemistry approach.

A section of a pectoral fin spine from an Atlantic Sturgeon

New Publication on Shortnose Sturgeon Aging

February 9, 2022 - A paper based on Daniel Gragson's senior thesis project has just been published in Southeastern Naturalist! Daniel looked at the pectoral fin rays of Shortnose Sturgeon in the Altamaha and Savannah rivers.

Gragson, D.L, and A.G. Fox. 2022. Comparison of first and second pectoral fin

rays for use in aging Shortnose Sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum, LeSuer, 1818). Southeastern Naturalist 21:1-10. Link

Fox lab members Max Kleinhans (L), Alaina Davis (C), Adam Fox (R)

Student Awards at Georgia AFS

February 3, 2022 - All of the Fox lab students did an outstanding job presenting at the 2022 conference of the Georgia chapter of the American Fisheries Society. MS student Max Kleinhans was awarded 3rd place student presentation, and undergraduate Alaina Davis won 2nd place student presentation!

Technician Katherine Brinson holding a Shortnose Sturgeon

Hiring Techs for Summer 2022

December 27, 2021 - The Fox Lab is looking to fill multiple fisheries technician positions for our summer 2022 research season. Technicians will be based in Darien, GA and Port St. Joe, FL. Please see the posting for additional details. Closes February 12.

Update: Technician positions filled for 2022.

Andrew Marbury with age-1 Gulf Sturgeon

New Paper Coming Out Soon!

October 19, 2021 - A paper on our Gulf Sturgeon work in the Apalachicola River from 2013-2018 has been accepted for publication! This paper encompasses much of the work done by Andrew Marbury and Nathaniel Hancock for their MS theses.

Fox, A.G., N.Q. Hancock, J.A. Marbury, A.J. Kaeser, and D.L. Peterson. Recruitment and survival of juvenile Gulf

sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi) in the Apalachicola River in Florida. Accepted for publication in Fishery Bulletin.

Update: Paper available from Fishery Bulletin here.

Michael Baker with an Atlantic Sturgeon

MS Thesis Defense

June 10, 2021 - Michael Baker successfully defended his Masters Thesis, 'Juvenile Atlantic Sturgeon in the Altamaha River: Refined recruitment estimation and investigating the effects of flow regime.' Congratulations, Michael! Michael's co-advisor was Dr. Brian Irwin of the USGS Georgia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Unit, and his committee members were Drs. Robert Bringolf and Cecil Jennings.

Brendan Dula with an age-1 Gulf Sturgeon

Thesis Defense

April 27, 2021 - Congratulations to Brendan Dula, who successfully defended his Masters Thesis, 'The effects of Hurricane Michael on annual recruitment, mortality, and migration of Gulf Sturgeon in the Apalachicola River, Florida.' Brendan's co-advisor was Dr. Cecil Jennings, and his committee members were Drs. Robert Bringolf and Adam Kaeser (USFWS).

UGA Graduate TA Award

April, 2021 - MS Student Michael Baker received an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from UGA's Center for Teaching and learning. This award recognizes the top 10% of teaching assistants demonstrating superior teaching skills while serving in the classroom or laboratory.

Senior Thesis Defense

April, 2021 - Undergraduate student Daniel Gragson completed his senior thesis and presented his work to the Warnell community. His research focused on the comparison of first and second fin rays for use in aging Shortnose Sturgeon in Georgia. Daniel also recently presented his work at the Southern Division of the American Fisheries Society's online 2021 conference.

Andrew Marbury with an adult Gulf Sturgeon

New Publication Coming Soon!

February, 2021 - A paper by Sturgeon Lab alum Andrew Marbury has been accepted for publication:

Marbury, J. A., A. Kaesar, A. Fox, D. Peterson. 2021. Experimental passage of adult male Gulf Sturgeon around Jim Woodruff Lock and Dam, FL. Accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Ichthyology.

Student Award at WGSS 2021

February, 2021 - MS student Brendan Dula won 1st place fisheries presentation at the 2021 Warnell Graduate Student Symposium in Athens, GA.

Student Awards at GA AFS

January, 2021 - MS student Brendan Dula won first place student paper at the 2021 Georgia AFS virtual conference. His talk was titled "Effects of Hurricane Michael on annual recruitment, mortality, and behavior of Gulf Sturgeon in the Apalachicola River, Florida."

Brendan was also awarded the chapter's Ronnie J. Gilbert Scholarship, which is awarded to an outstanding student member of the chapter.

Gina Alvarez (L) with a Gag Grouper.  FWCC Biologist Dan Marotta (R) assisted with sampling

Thesis Defense

November 18, 2020 - Gina Alvarez successfully defended her Masters Thesis, 'Using video surveys to examine the effect of habitat on Gag occurrence .' Congratulations! She was co-advised by Dr. Cecil Jennings, and committee members included Dr. Brian Irwin and Dave Gandy (FWCC).

Cortney Bunch with an adult Atlantic Sturgeon

Thesis Defense

November 9, 2020 - Congratulations to Cortney Bunch for the successful defense of her Masters Thesis, 'Using side-scan sonar to quantify. the spawning runs of Atlantic Sturgeon in the Altamaha River, Georgia.' Cortney was co-advised by Dr. Cecil Jennings, and her committee included Drs. Richard Chandler and Adam Kaeser (USFWS).

New Publication

July, 2020 - Sturgeon Lab alum Evan Ingram put together a paper on Shortnose Sturgeon in Georgia:

Ingram, E., D. Peterson, and A. Fox. 2020. Abundance of endangered Shortnose Sturgeon (Accipenser brevirostrum) in the Altamaha River in Georgia. Fishery Bulletin 118: 198-204.

Sturgeon Symposium at SDAFS

February, 2020 - With Dr. Marty Hamel, Dr. Fox organized a symposium on "Sturgeon population dynamics: a compilation of techniques, tools, and research" at the Southern Divison AFS Meeting in Little Rock, AR.

Fox Lab grad students Gina Alvarez (L), Michael Baker (C), and Brendan Dula (R)

2020 Georgia AFS Awards

January, 2020 - Fox Lab students cleaned house at the 202 Georgia Chapter AFS conference. MS student Michael Baker was awarded 1st place student paper, and MS student Brendan Dula was awarded 2nd place student paper.

Michael was also awarded the chapter's Ronnie J. Gilbert Scholarship, which is awarded to an outstanding student member.

Gina Alvarez received a certificate of appreciation from the chapter for her efforts as President of the UGA Student Sub-unit.

Student Award

June, 2019 - MS Student Cortney Bunch took home the award for 2nd place presentation at the UGA Graduate Students and Post-Docs in Research Symposium, for her talk "Using side-scan sonar to quantify spawning run size of Atlantic Sturgeon in Georgia."

Fox Lab members Gina Alvarez (L), Adam Fox (C), and Cat Chapman (R)

2019 GA AFS Student Awards

February, 2019 - Undergraduate Catlin Chapman Wells took home the first place student paper, and MS student Gina Alvarez won 2nd place student paper at the 2019 Georgia AFS conference.

Student Awards at 2017 GA AFS

January, 2017 - BSFR student Hudman Evans won the best undergraduate presentation at 2017 Georgia AFS conference. MS student Nathaniel Hancock also took home 3rd place presentation paper.